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Please respect the copyrights of the Designers and Authors who generously share their talents with you. It is very hard work to design and write patterns and articles, copyright infringement will not be tolerated. I know some people unknowingly infringe copyrights so please do not think that I believe that everyone is bad bad bad, because that is not true. These patterns are from my personal collection and yes I will go as far to say that is is a very rare collection and I simply will not tolerate anyone just doing a copy and paste to sell on a CD, yes these patterns have long ago expired their copyright but because I have scanned them, cleaned them up and actually changed the format the copyright in the form I have it presented to you, belongs to me. If you happen to see a copyright infringement, please contact me crochetqueen1 at yahoo dot com, Karma will smile brightly upon you. Together we can help stop this crime.

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Correction to Sock Tips

YIKES, thats what I get for not checking and re checking the right number should be 8 per needle for a total of 16 stitches. So sorry about that.

Happy Crochet and Knitting

Fall is coming and a word about toe up socks

BRRRR it's been a little bit chilly in the am for the past couple of days but I am sure it will certainly climb back up there in temperature for a few more weeks. New stuff has arrived: Susan Bates steel hooks in all sizes, Sugan N Creme cotton yarn, Bernat Baby Jacquards yarn, Pattern books: Patty Cake, Color me Cute, Precious, Spa, and Dishcloths, several new free pattern leaflets. Hopefully arriving this week Kraemer Yarns.

I can't believe it is almost that time again for hats,scarves,gloves, and Socks. Yep I figured in this issue I would include what I like to refer to as my "no fail recipe" or maybe it should be called "sock tips" either way here are my suggestions and yes they have been tested by not only myself but also by several customers.

What is Happening here

S U R P R I S E For years I have been racking my brain on what to do with my enormous pattern collection, as some of you know I did try and set up a paying site where I sold the vintage purse patterns, it failed, and I really want to share these so that is where the surprise comes in. I have decided to "share" not only the purse patterns but my other ones as well so as time allows I will be adding and trying to keep it as categorized as possible for easy searching and finding.

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